First Post / Moving In

Hello friends,

First time readers:  I thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope that my words will, from time to time, find a place of usefulness in your mind. My aim is to not offend, but to effectively communicate my thoughts as I continue to contemplate life and its daily challenges. If you came here and want to read my previous blog, you may find the link below.

Returning readers:  As you can see, I’ve opened an account here at WordPress and started a new blog. Okay, maybe it isn’t really a “new” blog, but it certainly looks new when you see how empty it is. In any event, clearly I’m moving to a different site — but it is in essence, the same blog, same guy, just a different URL.

For whatever it might be worth, I did import the entirety of the old blog to WordPress but Blogger’s formatting was garbage here, so most of the images didn’t display properly and the fonts and paragraphing were really weird. That isn’t to say that Blogger was bad for those things, just that between Blogger and WordPress, the transfer just didn’t jive…

That, and I kinda like the clean-slate effect of having a blank blog to write on.

To all:  The site at will remain as long as I can keep it open. I foresee no issues with this as there are blogs on blogspot that have gone years without updates that continue to exist happily untouched and ignored… Continuity, as such, is maintained, but nothing stays the same for ever. Is no big deal.

I hope you are well today and find peace.  Metta.  I will post again soon.


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