Māgha Pūjā

Celebrated today by many Buddhists is Māgha Pūjā, a day meant to remember the Full Moon day on which the spontaneous gathering of 1,250 Arahants
occurred, to whom the Buddha gave a particularly significant teaching on the basic tenants of what is today referred to as Buddhism. While this day has yet to carry this extra significance for me (mainly due to my my relative newness to the traditions), knowing of the holiday has served as cause for me to do some extra learning.

Of course, today being an Uposatha day, it still carries at least that significance regardless of any other considerations. Still, the extra emphasis is interesting, and I am curious to see if any of my Cambodian friends at work will have anything to say on the subject today. Of course, many of them are somewhat private on such matters and maybe they will say nothing at all, which is understandable considering how most Americans at least claim to be Christians and are sometimes weird about other belief systems.

A couple links that I have found that were worth reading today:

I do hope you are well today and are having a blessed day, friends.  Much Metta.



  1. Dennis Beyer · · Reply

    Funny how one of the biggest aspects of a lot of the Christian faiths is to be accepting of others, especially those who may have a different view than your’s.

    In the end it has been my understanding that while everyone has a chance to get to heaven (or whatever the faith calls the afterlife) most of Christianity believes that we just stand a better chance of getting there having taken Jesus as our savior. Not really something I’d imagine you’d hear much from a Catholic let alone a Christian but there you go.

    1. Denny, I really appreciate knowing that I have friends that don’t think I’m necessarily going to hell or something. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Another great post – thank you for sharing.

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