Stopped to Listen

This morning could be classified as a “lazy” morning, by some. I have neglected chores; dishes from yesterday and three days of clean laundry remain to be handled. We are in “spring break” so no schooling has been done, and I need to leave for work in an hour and am still undressed.

But I have done a few noteworthy things. First, I’ve spent time with my wife who, as a result of it being spring break, has been off work this week. This has been nice, as we rarely get time during the morning to see each other. Not that we’ve had much to talk about, but it is good to interact a little, regardless. Even the small-talk that goes on helps, I think, to keep us connected a little when we would otherwise not be until the weekend.

I also had the opportunity this morning to sit outside for a few minutes while having lunch. I had the notion to sit out on the driveway (no chair, just straight on the pavement) and observe. I was a little surprised to see the numbers of ants and other minute critters moving about, all in search of this or that. Pill Bugs, slugs, itty-bitty beetles, and the ants, all of various sizes, breeds, all just going about their business nearly oblivious to my presence. Generally, I think I’m usually obvlivious to them too, so I guess the feeling is mutual…

I offered some of my bagel, in tiny portions, to them, some of which the ants seemed interested in. I want to be more observant and appreciative of these small beings; I feel like, if when I act, I can remember something as small as an ant, I should have no trouble remembering other people and how my actions might affect them.

Also, for the first time today, I noticed the birds. There must have been at least a dozen different calls being sounded, and I hadn’t even noticed them at all until I just sat down and listened. Even the noise of the neighbors’ dogs became almost coherent (and less annoying, interestingly), as if they were all barking in response to each other.

I think I need to stop and listen to what is going on a little more often. Maybe we all do… How much life do we completely ignore by accident as we go about our daily business?

I hope you are well today, my friends.


One comment

  1. I really love this. And interestingly, that’s one of my favourite practices too. To sit on my driveway and just observe. And I also feed the ants, and I practice loving kindness while I do so. The act of feeding and nourishing them. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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