LEGO Creations: Starship Gettysburg

Last night Dalton and I were in the classroom playing with LEGOs. I’ve always enjoyed watching sci-fi television programs, so, unsurprisingly, I worked diligently to construct a starship. As with any LEGO vessel I create, I had to give it a name, define it’s function, and decide on the basic features and operations of the ship. This ship take’s it’s name from a captured blockade runner from the Civil War, the Gettysburg.

Forward view of Starship Gettysburg

Rear View

I designed my Gettysburg from the ground up to look nimble and fast. I imagine it’s missions to include quick border-crossings to deliver important supplies to embattled allies and stealthy surgical strike operations. It is small, with perhaps ten or twenty standard crew compliment and a highly sophisticated computer system to handle many of the more mundane operational chores.

Defensive systems would include two pair (one forward, one aft) of directed energy weapons and dual missile launchers (forward facing), thickened hull plating over the crew areas, and an electromagnetic shield to absorb directed energy attacks. So lightly armed, it would be expected to complete missions using stealth and skill rather than muscle.

As opposed to many previous projects which have taken inspiration from video games like Wing Commander and television series such as Battlestar Galactica, this one relates more to the Star Trek universe. The “warp nacelles” for instance are, now that I’m looking at it more closely, most reminiscent of Voyager in that the pylons are designed to move, while the rest of the ship sorta reminds me of a lighter version of Defiant.

Generally, I avoid Star Trek styled designs because I consider them incredibly unrealistic, but I guess the idea of faster than light travel is pretty absurd by today’s standards anyway so I just let my creativity (or lack thereof) drive this one wherever it wanted. That said, if one reads a little about how Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek designs (the original ones) came about, there are some pretty specific rules to define the operation of the Warp drive. Roddenberry apparently wanted the fictional science to at least make a little sense.

Of course, Dalton built something too… and this morning, his creation destroyed Gettysburg. Everything is impermanent, eh? Ha! It was fun, anyway. Most of us need to have a little time for some nonsense, especially those of us with kids, otherwise we take everything far too seriously.

I hope you are well and got a laugh out of my over-thought nonsense today. I will post again soon, friends.



  1. Love it! You crack me up playing Legos with him, but I love that you do. 🙂

  2. Dennis Beyer · · Reply

    I still play with Legos too, Patrick says mine are cool… an opinion that I’m sure will change in the relatively near future. As much as I like Star Trek type ships, mine tend to be more of the Star Wars style too, not quite sure as to why, maybe because they’re cooler 🙂 I you and Dalton have not been the the Lego store in Kenwood mall I’d really recommend it, it’s a good time. In the very least you get to look at fully assembled sets that neither of us can dream of justifying the expense of, like a Super Star Destroyer that fully assembled is nearly 5 feet long.

    1. Chaos! Might have to make the trip just to see the LEGO Super Star Destroyer, LOL

  3. I love that you play Legos with your son! Makes perfect sense for bonding. I know I built many creations over the years as my sons grew. But they always made better Star Wars ships than I ever could 😉

    1. Ha! My son is starting to make some really neat stuff too. 🙂 Good fun for all.

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