Showers in the Sink

If you can’t tell from the title, some potentially frustrating things have been going on at home the latter half of this week.

Here’s the deal: Our bathtub no longer drains the way it should… in spite of liquid drain cleaner, crystallized acid drain cleaner, repeated augerings, and even a partial tear-down of the basement plumbing. Of course, after doing this kind of work, the only thing you really want to do is take a shower, so the kitchen sink has gotten to know me a little better than it used to.

Fortunately, the toilet and bathroom sink remain unaffected by the issue, strongly suggesting that the main drain is not the home of our clog.

I think we’ve all taken the issue pretty well. This is the sort of thing that would probably have had me cursing up a storm and throwing tools six or seven months ago, but the frustration seems pretty manageable now. I guess, deep down, I know this sort of thing is bound to happen, so my only real complaint now is the fact that I have no money with which to pay a professional to fix it the right way.

I’m not quite sure what the solution is going to be, but my wife aparently has some friends that are more handy with plumbing than I tend to be. I only hope they have a lot of patience…

I think I’m going to stop to read for a bit and then forget about the plumbing for another night. I hope you are well tonight, friends, and I will post again soon.


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