The Sunshine Award

Recently the Sunshine Award was passed on to me by a Gina, a friendly blogger who writes Professions for P.E.A.C.E., a blog I have recently begun following and whose writings I have found uplifting. The award is passed around as a way to appreciate bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere,” and I greatly appreciate the fact that my writings are seen in such a way.

Those who follow my writing may recall that we’ve had some recent hardships, and there are some even this weekend that I have yet to post about, so I must say that seeing someone appreciates my writing really cheered me up this morning. Thank you, Gina, for that.

Generally, bloggers who receive nominations for this and other such awards will pass it around in kind, which gives me another opportunity to share with readers a brief list of some of the blogs I follow routinely. I find that each of these blogs, including Gina’s linked above, are positive, encouraging, and thought provoking, and I thank their writers for their offerings to the ever-expanding world writing community.

These blogs are each worthy of a little of your time; I hope you will pay them a brief visit and see for yourself.

Also, my wife would be cross with me if I didn’t mention her blog, Hypercello. She finds it hard to find time to post as frequently as I do, but she loves to write about our children and her creative household ideas (some of which involve food, and who doesn’t like to eat?).

It is also customary with these award posts to say a few things about one’s self that others may not know or are otherwise noteworthy.  Usually, I think people write ten things about themselves but I’m going to restrict myself to half of that because this post is really more about others than myself:

  1. My favorite flower is the Marigold, and particularly the bright orange ones. I’m not entirely sure why, but I have always been drawn to them.
  2. I have been sober for nearly six months consecutively. Very rarely do I even consider having a drink, and when the idea crosses my mind now I call my mind a “liar” and move on as if the thought hadn’t appeared.
  3. I prefer Facebook over Twitter. I consider Twitter to be obsolete and will continue to say so until they completely abandon their 140 character limit.
  4. I do not write while music is playing, even if I am not really paying attention to it. A movie, however, can be on and does not distract me (much).
  5. I don’t usually bother talking, reading, or writing about politics anymore because it invokes afflictive emotions such as anger in me, doing nothing but adding to the already delusional mind states that I have about the subject.

Spread the love, friends, because there are so many that need the encouragement even if you don’t necessarily see it. Be well, and I will write again soon.



  1. thanks kindly Hickersonia…delightful and i too enjoy reading and looking at the blogs you mention here ❤

  2. This is one of the very best posts I’ve read about an award. Honest and to the point, and sharing what you want to share. Excellent example for us all. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog as well, and if I may add, I am honored to have included you on my list, and soon, on my blogroll. I look forward to visiting your choices here including your wife’s. Be well, dear writer. Namaste. Gina

  3. Thank You!……

    1. And thank you as well, friend!

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