Making a Change, Battling Complacency

Monday will mark the first day of a significant change in my work-life as I start in a new, more technology-related position.

Sure, it isn’t anything crazy-amazing, but it could be seen as a step in the right direction if I intend to keep working at this company. I’ve worked at there for almost six years now, and from time to time I have gotten the impression that I’m “stuck.” Maybe not always stuck in the same position (this company moves people around like nobody’s business) but stuck other ways, or maybe just stuck in general.

Sometimes this “stuck-ness” was specific to what I was doing, as in I’m the best of what I do and there is nowhere else to go with my skill set. Other times it was more of a sense of complacency in that I really didn’t care to do anything new or different — that I could get by swell without even trying. I’ve come to the realization while working here that I have no interest at all in management positions (though I’ve deluded myself into thinking I did, on occasion) nor do I want to deal directly with the customers.

Most of the time, I think my feeling stuck originates from the fact that I don’t like driving 30 – 40 minutes to get to my work, but because of the pay I’m earning and the insurance, I am somewhat forced to continue doing it.

I am hopeful that Monday’s change will help alleviate the stuck-feeling for a while.

The new position is titled “Statistician,” and has a significant focus on IT work involving database software (Access). I bring 10 years of prior experience to it but after being out of the tech field for so long I foresee a challenging couple of months ahead as I re-acclimate myself to working with certain types of problems, particularly the ones that I’ve become somewhat accustomed to calling others to fix! Ha!

And I’m actually looking forward to it. Warding off the complacency that I sometimes feel with a dose of new challenges sounds particularly fun to me right now, and I’ll make a little extra money in the process.

In some ways I think I’m trying to apply a spiritual message to elements of the mundane life. For instance, complacency in one’s spiritual concerns seems to do worse than just stagnate one’s progress — actually leading to backsliding. In one’s work-life, or anything that a person considers relatively important, I think the same message can be meaningful.

Contemplate: How does complacency affects you as a worker, a parent, a spouse, and even as a being on a spiritual level? What can be doing about it now? Tomorrow? Long term? If you think everything is “good enough,” be open-minded enough to consider the possibility that you might never realize your goals at “good enough.”

Be well, my friends.


One comment

  1. great post and a timely reminder – I’m not changing job but time to reach past ‘good enough’ 🙂 best wishes..

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