Priorities and Keeping Busy

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this blog, and it has been very useful as a sounding board for my various thought experiments and such. You know how it is, right? Sometimes you have some thoughts that you just need to get out, or maybe you feel like you’re sharing some pearl of wisdom that you’ve gleamed in life, or maybe just sharing your frustrations with others when perhaps there isn’t anyone sitting next to you with whom you want to share (or maybe you already have).

Lately I’ve not really felt the urge to post too often, and I have come to terms with the idea that I’m OK with that. It isn’t a matter of not wanting to, but more one of keeping my priorities managed.

Lately I’ve been delving into puja, reading, and sometimes meditation early in the morning and spending the rest of my before-work time with the family. I’m also preparing materials so I can add a bit of Pali reading/chanting in an effort to learn a bit of the language. Fact is, the time I might use for blogging is usually getting gobbled up by other things lately, especially if it comes down to a choice between blogging and my chosen spiritual practice.

And, maybe needless to say, I’ve been busy with the recent Independence Day holiday and new position at work.  🙂

I don’t know about you, but it always seems like there are phases of activity and phases of inactivity when it comes to blogs. I don’t really know for sure that I’d say I’ve been totally inactive, but it is interesting to see how I’ve had less to say than usual, but later I’ll have more to say than usual, and back and forth we go.

As it pertains to the family matters that I may have discussed in recent posts:

Giant chalk Dharmacakra that Dalton and I colored onto our driveway on June 23.

Alyanna isn’t crawling yet, but she rolls around a lot now and rarely stays in one place if left in an open space. She is rather amusing to watch, I assure you. She’s eating so-called “stage 1” foods (if I’m not mistaken) including rice, oatmeal, and barley cereals and several fruits and vegetables. She’s still nursing, but gets two actual “meals” every day as well now.

Our dog, Shyla, has recovered completely from her incident earlier this spring and, aside from panic behavior associated with the fireworks lately, has been doing very well. We are all extremly grateful for her good health and thankful to my wife’s parents for their pivotal role in financing the surgery even if the dog will never understand neither the severity of her condition or how close she may have come to passing from this world into the next…

A chalk-drawn city around the Dharmacakra on which Dalton played with his cars and planes.

My Dad is doing well as of the last time I spoke with him (about a week ago) and has, in fact, flown out to California to visit family there. He hasn’t kept in regular contact since he left but that isn’t entirely unusual when he’s out west so it doesn’t worry me terribly. I am under the belief that he is to be returning home next weekend, so I’m sure we’ll be in contact then.

Lastly, our big problem with our van turned out to be much smaller than I had feared — after about $200 invested, it is working again and has been for over a week. The situation has certainly lent me some insights into how worrying about certain things makes them seem worse than they really are. Go figure…

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave anyone wondering how things were going, nor did I want the idea the cross anyone’s mind that I didn’t intend to write more. In fact, I have four drafts I’m working on, but none of them are at a stage where I’m ready to say that my thoughts on them are complete. Ha!

I hope you are all well today and at peace my friends. I will try to post again soon.



    1. Yeah, kinda posted early by accident. Didn’t include tags/categories either at first. Ha!

      1. was a lovely post though Hickersonia. I woke up thinking about life as we know at this time..and reading yours makes me contemplate why I blog etc… love the chalked dharmacakra by the way !! 🙂

      2. Thanks! And yes, it can be funny to think about the reasons why we blog, some of which (when I really dig into it) seem a little silly sometimes. At least I’m honest about it!

  1. Karma Rinchen Tashi · · Reply

    Thanks 🙂 it is interesting to reflect on the changing cycle of inspired blogging and then lack of inspiration; I also have noted it in myself but have no real idea if it “means anything”,

    1. Perhaps it doesn’t mean anything, nor does it necessarily need to, I suppose. An interesting thought to ponder.

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