Silly, Lazy Day

“Silly Daddy keeps taking pictures! “

I was going a little photo-crazy while my wife was playing with the baby and got this one.  I imagined to myself that she’s thinking to tell me to STOP!

Of course, I’m sure she wasn’t thinking anything of the sort, but it’s still nice to get a picture of the two of them when neither of them are quite expecting it.

We’re just having a “lazy” kinda day today. Last week was Vacation Bible School and Michelle was pretty much running things as far as I can gather… she needs the  break, and as such I get one too.  Ha!

Maybe we’ll even get out for a walk once the rain passes. Seems like the temperatures aren’t going to get too high today — right now we don’t even have the air conditioning on.

Try to enjoy the weekend and be well, friends!


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