Day Trip to Bellefontaine; Dad Remains Well

My son and I made the trip to Bellefontaine Sunday to find my Dad still in good spirits and relatively good condition — which is always nice to see. Certain medications that have him looking like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man have been nearly eliminated from his daily regimen, and the Chemo drug he’s on continues to keep the cancer firmly stalled as it was about six months ago.

Further, he now has the distinction of being the longest-surviving patient with his particular type of melanoma, so the doctors have sorta given up on trying to estimate how long he has left to live, which is right-fine with me because I still like to hold on to the idea that he’s too stubborn to die anyway.

While I was visiting with him, he made a point to talk politics with me a bit [a lot]. He’s pretty excited at the idea of Romney possibly becoming President, and he’s not shy to share it. Not that he was ever an Obama fan — far from it — but I find some amusement at the thought that he has forced his body to live long enough to express his political sentiments in a general election once more.

While I didn’t feel like telling him then, I’m not voting in this round. I’ve done a fair job of staying out of political chatter over the last 10 or so months and don’t really intend to change that… and I’m not registered in the right county anyway.

Anyway, he is well and my sisters seem to be handling things too. The youngest is even in college now. They don’t understand it entirely, but I’m actually really excited for them in a way. I’ve laid a lot of the track in my life already but they have a lot of room still to lay theirs, and I hope they don’t squander their opportunities. A certain potential for greatness is there, they just have to make certain that they fight whatever laziness they have as it pertains to acting on it.

And greatness isn’t something that has to be measured by some sort of economic standard. Some of the greatest people in the world have been those who have needed, and wanted, the least.

Dalton enjoyed the trip, even the 4.5 hours of driving which we mostly spent making silly jokes and listening to a mix of 80s rock and Yanni. He especially enjoyed the opportunity to play Oblivion and Team Fortress 2, games we don’t play at home. Ha!

Anyway, I figure I’ll keep this short today. I have a couple other projects going right now and the blog hasn’t been the highest priority as a result, but I didn’t want it to appear that I was no longer writing. In fact, one of the projects is a completely separate writing project and, even if I never really “complete” it, it will at least make for some great material to post here. More on that later, though.

I hope you are well and at peace, friends. I will write again soon.



  1. Dennis Beyer · · Reply

    You saying your dad is too stubborn to die makes me think of what my dad likes to say about my grandma “Heaven don’t want her and Hell’s afraid she’ll take over”. Funny no matter your beliefs lol.

    1. Haha, no kidding! 🙂

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