Heedless Weekend

Coming off the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, I’m taking a moment to reflect a bit on what I’ve done, or not done, in the last couple of days.

Let me start by saying that we had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday, during which time we ate the usual fare and enjoyed the company of family with which I have not visited in several months. I did not make the time to drive up north to visit my father or sisters, but I am under the impression that they are doing fairly well and I am trying to make plans to visit them in a couple of weeks.

Milestone Achieved: 1st alcohol-free Thanksgiving in a decade!

My wife spent the morning Friday starting, and effectively finishing, our holiday shopping while I watched Aly at home and Dalton visited with his grandparents and cousin Tony who was in town for the weekend. While I’m sure we spent more money than we should have, I can assure you that our Christmas shopping costs will be far, far below the national average for this year (and yes, I’d be perfectly willing to confirm this once the figures are published).

I also spent a little money (via the Steam store) on two computer games, Endless Space (for me, mainly) and Sims 3, both of which we’ve started playing already. You see, in Hickersonia, adults can have Christmas anytime they want. Ha! It seems that we’re enjoying the games pretty well, as Steam reports we’ve had the games on for 30 hours since we purchased them.

Which kinda leads to the title of this post… when I say heedless, I don’t mean that it has been particularly crazy, but that we’ve basically relaxed and cared naught for anything. We’ve been eating Thanksgiving leftovers and all hours of the day, playing computer, and watching Star Trek on the TV since Friday and now that it is over I’m left wondering (just a little) how it passed so quickly.

It is sorta amusing, really, but I don’t really regret any of it. It isn’t the end of the world to have a weekend like this occasionally, and it made a nice opportunity to spend the time with my wife.

Now the chaos begins at work, as it is the official start of the busy season, and I’ll spend the next three weeks working mostly 10-hour days and trying to keep Dalton’s schooling caught up, all while hopefully not lacking too much in sleep. There won’t be much time for games, or anything else for that matter, until mid-December. I imagine my patience will be tested in many ways.

So, in retrospect, I’m really kinda glad we had the lazy, heedless weekend while we had the chance.

I hope that you have had a pleasant holiday, friends, even if it was mostly spent in a food-coma, and that you are at peace as we move into the more festive part of the holiday season (at least here in the U.S.). There are a lot of things we can be thankful for every day, so we don’t have to wait until next Thanksgiving to remember to thank the people around us, even for the little things, and to simply be mindful of the fact that we are quite blessed, even when we are also quite stressed.

Be well, and I will write again soon.


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