Noble Friendship

Another excerpt from Therigatha (213-215) today:

To the world the Sage has praised
The value of noble friendship.
By resorting to noble friends
Even a fool becomes wise.

One should resort to worthy people,
For thus one’s wisdom ever grows.
By resorting to worthy people
One is freed from all suffering.

One should know the Four Noble Truths:
Suffering and its origination,
Then the cessation of suffering
And the Noble Eightfold Path.

These verses are attributed to Kisagotami. She reportedly became a bhikkhuni after the death of her son, but not before frantically trying to bring her son back to life. In her grief, she went to the Buddha, who helped her to realize the universality of death, bringing her back to her senses and leaving her ripe for awakening.

Read more here and here, thanks to

By resorting to the most worthy, we can transcend suffering and be a light in the world to others.

Have a blessed Uposatha, my friends. Be well!


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