Cultivating No Sense of Mine-ness

From the Sutta Nipata (Attadandasutta):

Burn up what’s before,
and have nothing for after.
If you don’t grasp
at what’s in between,
you will go about, calm.

For whom, in name & form,
in every way,
there’s no sense of mine,
and who doesn’t grieve
over what is not:
he, in the world,
isn’t defeated,
suffers no loss.

To whom there doesn’t occur
‘This is mine,’
for whom ‘nothing is others,’
feeling no sense of mine-ness,
doesn’t grieve at the thought
‘I have nothing.’

This excerpt sends a very direct message that affects the way I’ve been thinking about some of the recent stresses at home.

Don’t bring up the past or obsess over what you used to have because it has gone forever and is no longer relevant. Stop worrying about the future — it cannot be forced into being any more than that which has past. And the moment in between, the now, the present moment, it slips through our fingers just like water through a strainer, leaving no trace of anything lasting or substantial, so there is no use in trying to hold it still and own it.

The serenity I gain from this practice, or the chaos I feel when I forget it, is truly profound.

If we stop categorizing, assigning, and possessing, we can find liberation. When we stop thinking of things as “mine,” “hers,” “theirs,” we no longer have to suffer when things change or cease to be altogether.

Have a blessed Uposatha and be at peace, my friends.


One comment

  1. artificial constructs…little boxes…i think/feel oneness.

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