Passing Away from This World

Adaasi me akaasi me
Ñaati-mittaa sakhaa ca me
Petaana”m”m dajjaa
Pubbe katam-anussara”m
Na hi”m vaa soko vaa
Yaa vaññaa paridevanaa
Na ta”m petaanam-atthaaya
Eva”m ti.t.thanti ñaatayo
Ayañca kho dakkhi.naa dinnaa
Sa”nghamhi supati.t.thitaa
Diigha-ratta”m hitaayassa
.Thaanaso upakappati
So ñaati-dhammo ca aya”m nidassito
Petaana-puujaa ca kataa u.laaraa
Balañca bhikkhuunam-anuppadinna”m
Tumhehi puñña”m pasuta”m anappakanti.

“He gave to me, he acted on my behalf,
and he was my relative, companion, friend.”
Offerings should be given for the dead
when one reflects (thus) on what was done in the past.
For no weeping or sorrowing or any kind of lamentation
benefit the dead whose relatives keep acting in that way.
But when this offering is given, well-placed in the Sangha,
It works for their long-term benefit
And they profit immediately.
In this way the proper duty to relatives has been shown
And great honor has been done to the dead
And the monks have been given strength:
You’ve acquired merit that’s not small.


left to right: Kathi, Jerome, and Fred (my mother, father, and grandfather respectively). I’m the baby in this photo, taken in 1983.

To you, my three most direct ancestors, I offer sincere thanks for everything you did for me in this life, for which I will keep you in mind daily. I pray that you each may realize the most supreme liberation from suffering.


One comment

  1. Thank you for letting us know. We will miss Jerome.

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