Hypocrisy; Forgiveness

I’m not going to write a lot today, but I have had time this weekend to reflect on some of my own issues, and I wanted to write something short.

First, I want to apologize to anyone who thinks I have a particularly high opinion of myself or my “attainments” (whatever that might mean). The truth is, I don’t, and it is very safe to say that I have plenty of flaws. I struggle with the same things everyone else does (to varying degrees), and I’m no where near being any manner of perfected being.

For the sake of not feeling like some kind of hypocrite, I just felt like I needed to write that out just in case I had somehow given a mistaken impression to others.

A confession of sorts: I have had cause to be very disappointed with an old friend recently. I even went on a tirade about the situation to another friend, and realized after the fact that I had let myself be led straight into a classic example of wrong speech. Understandable as it may have been, that does not make it right. I forgive the friend that disappointed me, and in fact, I must forgive him before I feel like I can forgive my own error in the matter.

Remember to check yourself and you will see that you are probably no less flawed than the person you call hypocrite.

In closing, if you have the time, Ajahn Brahm held a talk (posted this morning) on the subject which really struck home for me, which I’ll embed below. The video is around 70 minutes long, but even watching half of it will, I think, let him make his point.

Be mindful, be well, friends.


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