The Greyness


That is the world we live in.

Of course, I don’t necessarily mean the stuff in the world… maybe more the choices and actions of those who live in it. These actions can be neither white nor black, but are merely varying degrees of greyness amidst an ever luminous backdrop of light.

That light can be equanimity, compassion, altruistic joy… but whatever else it may be, it is truth. It is beyond the scope of a single human existence to arrive at truth. I think we often think we see it, but we’re really just looking at the light through tinted glasses.

It is in this way that I understand that nearly everyone seems to want to do the right thing, even if one cannot possibly know how nor see the situation clearly in the first place.

Further, while one may not necessarily include every other being in their equation, most are not going out of their way to make matters worse for others in the process. Sometimes, unbeknownst to us, we make other problems while trying to fix the ones we know about. Maybe this is a little like we are wearing blinders so as to obscure our peripheral vision.

In this way, when considering the right thing to do, we forget to consider the desires of others, including those we may wish to help. Perhaps we don’t ask them, or maybe we think we know better than they do. Of course, that is just another conceit — more grey.

Very few beings have been able to transcend this greyness in vision and action. This sort of greyness is what leads us to ever more rebirth, ever more stress.

Each of us needs to take the time to evaluate the moral greyness of our actions. Surely we mean no harm, but with this mindfulness we can only do better.

I hope you are well today, friends. May you be happy and peaceful.

Also, for my friends in the United States: Please have a wonderful, and safe, Independence Day tomorrow!


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