Quest for Quiet

Yesterday was July’s last quarter Uposatha day, and I had the opportunity to observe it a little differently.

Usually any Uposatha day is, for me, challenged by chaos in the home. It is never anything serious, but it is difficult to find time or energy to concentrate with there is so much going on — especially being the rest of the family does not observe the day in the same manner.

Yesterday was different in that my wife and children were away (and still are, actually) visiting family in Toledo. I chose to observe a fast not only in the dietary sense, but also from the computer. Of course, my job entails computer use by default, but what I am getting at is I left the home PC off in addition to the TV and other sources of potential distractions. In this way, I would say that I was on a quest for quiet.

And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be — as silly as that might sound. Thinking about it now, I honestly think I could get used to having no computer at home if I didn’t have so many reasons why I (we) “need” it.

In any event, yesterday was absolutely beautiful. I don’t recall any moments where I felt particularly stressed and I feel refreshed today in spite of [maybe as a result of, I can’t tell for certain] getting up early. I hope that you feel equally well, friends.

I will write again soon.


One comment

  1. how lovely! I really enjoy silent periods when I can get them 🙂

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