So lately my writing routine has been somewhat disrupted, to say the least, and I thought I might take a moment (while I have one) and briefly share some of what I’ve been doing instead of writing.

School started for our son a couple weeks ago. Friends and regular readers may recall that we school at home, so this means a lot of extra time and effort is being re-routed that way. Officially, school started just this week, but we’re about 3 weeks deep now because we started early. Our son seems to be doing pretty well so far and I’m happy with his progress.

Our daughter has been a little handful through this process. She has decided that she NEEDS to have our son’s school supplies and does not appreciate my refusal to let her take things from him during classes.  She’s also demonstrated a propensity toward thievery, especially when it comes to food. The girl likes to eat! She still doesn’t talk though, but she understands nearly everything we say. Ask her to change her diaper and she knows where to go. Tell her to put her cup in the sink and she runs straight there. I think when she starts talking, she’ll probably have not just dozens, but hundreds of words at her disposal within weeks.

My father’s Estate / Probate process hit a brick wall last month when the attorney stopped answering my calls. I eventually got word from Dad’s widow that the lawyer was refusing to represent the estate because of a conflict of interest… sure would have been nice to hear that from him though. So I’ve rounded up another attorney who seems more willing to communicate and does not seem to have any such conflict to worry about.

Dad passed away in May — I suspect that the legal process of probating his Will should have probably been started by now, so I’m just the slightest bit concerned about getting into some sort of legal trouble over a delay which, by my estimation, was totally out of my control.

My wife has started back at work this week, which required a lot of prep work in the last couple weeks getting her classroom and documentation ready. Today is her second day back in class; I’m told yesterday went splendidly so I imagine today will be well also.

Last thing before I think I’ll get back to the kids: I was selected as one of three “Employees of the Month” at work for the month of July. This entitled me to a front-row parking spot for the month of August and a dinner (on the clock) paid by the management. The dinner will be tonight, actually, at a place called “Champs.” I’ve never eaten there before but I’ve heard it is good.

Oddly, if it weren’t for the dinner, I would likely be observing Uposatha today, but the management was nice enough to not select last Wednesday (a Full Moon Uposatha day), so I feel like I can compromise a little. We’ve been so busy at work over the last few weeks (like Christmas came early) that I really don’t mind the bosses taking me out one bit.

I hope you are all well and at peace, my friends. Those of you observing the Uposatha, may it be of great fruit and benefit! I will write again soon.


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