Boredom, or Quietness

Quietness can manifest as boredom to the untrained mind… which is not meant to imply that mine is anything but untrained. I have found a bit of fascination with boredom though, and with the quietness that can come along with it.

Boredom seems to imply an apparent “need” to go out and do something. I’m very curious about this sensation because there are indeed times when one ought to be doing something, but equally important are those times when there really is nothing to be doing! I dare say that I’m amazed by how easy it is to amuse ourselves endlessly, but it is “work” to sit and observe the doing of nothing.

Quietness on the other hand… it is impossible to talk about, really… or write about I suppose because it is, by default, spoiled by the process of thinking about it. I do sit in quietness with some regularity, but not as often as I really should. Sometimes I call it meditating, but if you think of jhanas when I use that word then just forget that I ever typed it. Maybe when my children get a little older, more self-sufficient, but that really is naught but grasping to the future when I think of it that way so I am relatively content to just practice when I can and let it go wherever it goes (even if that is nowhere, sometimes).

Even so, I have realized some small measure of the awesome power of the mind when it is quiet and still. A still mind has no inner-voice… no mental talk to contend with. In a strange way, I think all of the mental talk proves just how crazy we really are; all of our thinking, planning, scheming, and conniving. It is sort of like some really screwed up Jury that is in the process of determining others’ innocence or guilt, even sentencing foes for all manner of perceived faults.

And the accused never gets to speak in their own defense!

When we can stop that mental chatter, even for a minute, it really does allow us the opportunity to let go of the things that are binding us like chains. Anger melts away when confronted by calm. Quietness eases pain and sadness. Anxiety dissipates in stillness.

You really have to experience it on your own in order for it to sink in… to really “get it.”

May you transform boredom into quietness, and be at peace. Be well, friends.



  1. Enlightening as always 🙂

    1. Thank you for saying so Meg. 🙂 I hope you are well!

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