Chaos Cruisin’ Tonight

Good morning, friends.

I’m off work early tonight to visit with my younger sisters in Springfield for the first time in a couple months, and I must admit that I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve learned that I have a lot in common with my sisters, in spite of sometimes feeling completely disconnected from them. They do live 50 or so miles away, so I guess it does sorta make sense that I don’t drive up there all the time, but I hope to make it a little more regular than this in the future.

After Dad passed, I had my concerns that my sisters and I would fall out of touch with each other. Sure, things change with time and they are both adults now so they don’t have to look to me for inspiration or comfort about the ways they choose to live their lives, but I’m glad that we’ve all managed to keep in contact regardless. They have a rough way to go in the near term, what with this being their first winter without a “safety net” of any kind really, but I’m confident that they can take care of themselves.

I think Dad would be proud of them for what they’ve done so far with so little; I know I am. Life can throw a lot of hassles at us in a short span of time, but it is only when we sit idly by while the challenges mount that we really, utterly fail. They may have made some decisions that I would have done differently, but they own that. May they find happiness and inner peace in whatever they do.

100_8889An added treat for me tonight: I’ll be driving the Oldsmobile (also known as the Chaos Cruiser) to Springfield tonight. Fact is, no matter how many cars I’ve driven, nothing feels as comfortable to me as the “B-Body” General Motors cars. Having an excuse to put a few miles on it feels like a special treat for some reason. Maybe I’m just easy to please.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll stay up too late, drink too much (soda — 5th precept folks!) and eat too much junk, but I’m not ashamed, really. Can’t place a value on visiting with family, whether they be in far away in Illinois, or nearer to home in Ohio.

Please be well!



  1. Dennis Beyer · · Reply

    My parents owned a very similarly aged station wagon when we were kids. It was the first car I ever drove. I share your feeling that cars like these are some of the most comfortable I’ve ridden in and drove. Could be looking back with a bit of rose-colored glasses of course as not only did I learn to drive in that car but I learned a lot of my auto-mechanics knowledge from it. But cars today just don’t seem the same. Is it the 6-cylinder version or the 8?

    1. Ours is a V8. The car has all of the bells and whistles (not that they all work right anymore, of course). It really is a nice car, considering it is 26 years old and hasn’t been given much love other than oil changes and major repairs when absolutely necessary.

      I know what you mean though — sometimes we glorify our memories of the past even if they weren’t all that great. Not sure why we do that, really… seems a little delusional when I think about it.

  2. Dennis Beyer · · Reply

    My parents had the V8 too. To be honest as long as it had regular oil changes and had those major repairs you mentioned the car should take good care of you all for quite a while.

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