The Four Dhamma Summaries

Some contemplation for today, friends.

Life in any world is unstable, it is swept away.

There is no stability in this world or the next. Everything that is born undergoes aging, illness, and eventually death. Even that which we perceive as stable is only such because our lives are themselves so short. Even the Earth, as amazing and permanent as it may seem, will one day cease to be — an infinitely small blip on the cosmic timescale.

Life in any world has no shelter and no protector.

Is there someone out there that can take away your pain or make you feel better when you are unwell? Can anyone shield you from the results of your own evil actions? Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own mental, verbal, and bodily acts. No other being in the world can take on our suffering or replace the bad we have done with good.

Life in any world has nothing of its own; one has to leave all and pass on.

I have money in a bank account, cars in the driveway, and children playing at my feet. When this body of mine will die, what in the world can I honestly call mine?

Life in any world is incomplete, insatiate, the slave of craving.

Beings exist in order to experience. One can never experience enough so as to feel true contentment and honestly say of one’s self “I have experienced enough.” It is only by renouncing craving for experience altogether that one may become complete, satisfied, and break free of this bondage.

Think on it and be well, friends.

Quotes excerpted from MN 82: Ratthapala
Sutta; the complete text may be found here
(there is a slight variation in wording).


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