Quiet Month (or so)

Hello friends,

The blog has been very quiet this month — perhaps because I’ve been very busy if not perhaps a little more introspective. Even my wife has complained that I’ve been quiet more often this month, so my quietness isn’t strictly limited to my online activities. I have thought about posting on the blog three or four times over the last two weeks but haven’t had much to say — so today it feels fitting to have a post about having nothing to say and some general updates.

The past week has been interesting at least, which offers a little bit to write about. We’ve been in a sort of rent-to-own arrangement for our home that I believe will be coming to an end as we prepare to actually buy out our lease. The owner is offering a little extra to sweeten the deal (which made it conceivable that we would move forward now rather than a year from now) and our bank reports to us that our credit scores are actually really good; an unexpected plus being only four years post-bankruptcy. The thought crosses my mind from time to time that buying a house doesn’t really “feel” right, but I can’t really find a specific problem with it and I think I’m just nervous because it puts me on the hook [financially] for such a long time.

Of course, I’m already responsible long-term for two children, so what is the difference? Arguably, buying the house makes sense from that standpoint, which is why I suppose I have had little reason to hesitate in spite of any odd feelings I have about the whole thing.

interrogatorWork has also kept me well-occupied — things are going very well on that front. I jokingly say that my job title should be “Data Interrogator,” although officially neither my title (nor pay) has changed. Now if only I had one of those hovering spherical interrogation droids from Star Wars…

The work of getting my Dad’s estate settled is still stalled… From what I understand, the lawyers are involved in some kind of interstellar phone-tag (even though they work in the same county). Maybe they could use an interrogation droid too, now that I’m thinking of it… (sorry, those things are just too cool).

Our son’s cub scout group recently held their Blue & Gold Banquet, which was kinda neat. The event got me thinking about my time in scouts, so I decided to read through a little of his “Bear” book. I was a little surprised that the “God and Me” part of the book included, albeit briefly, a segment on other religions (and various symbols / emblems associated with them), including Buddhism. I don’t recall the Scouts being so religiously “open” when I was in it some 20 years ago (although I may simply not have noticed). Although almost every scouting organization I’ve ever seen has been based out of a church, it is nice to see that the organization itself doesn’t exclude families for choosing a different religion. Of course, I have to wonder why a homosexual scout is such a big deal to some of the supporting churches if a Buddhist or Hindu scout isn’t… but I digress…

I have tentative plans to visit my sisters in Springfield the second Friday in April, but no real plans while I’m there. Actually, I don’t really make plans for those visits, I just kind of go there and see what happens, so that is normal I guess. Of course, I should make sure the Oldsmobile (which we lent to Jenny before the bad winter weather started) is still working; last I knew, it hadn’t been driven since I dropped it off.

So, out of nothing, I wrote some 630+ words. I’ll try to keep my posting interval below 30 days from now on…

I hope you are well, my friends!



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