December Weight Progress (or lack thereof)

Hello Friends,

I promised there would be some sort of update on my weight tracking, so that’s what this will be today. Mind you, the Christmas and New Years holidays essentially blew any progress I could have made through December… surely there are some that could fault me for that, so before anyone says anything keep in mind that I don’t blame anyone but myself.

That said, I think as a proof-of-concept, I’m on the right track.




You may notice that my tracking program stopped on Christmas. Quite frankly, I didn’t feel like it mattered through Christmas and New Years since I wasn’t going to push myself anyway… and today I’m at 198.2 lbs for whatever that is worth. I did notice, however, that with a modicum of control, I can definitely meet or exceed a loss of one pound per week.

I also charted my sugar, fat, and calorie intake. Even a few days before Christmas it was apparent that the what I was eating had changed… sugar and fat content skyrocketed even though the calorie intake remained nearly consistent.



I started tracking again on the January 2, although I won’t claim to have added any restraint to my eating yet. In fact, less than an hour ago I ate an 840 calorie cookie… It is my intention to begin with that tomorrow (along with Uposatha observance) and only eat before noon Monday through Thursday. Being as how I sit in an office all day, this really shouldn’t present an issue… I don’t really get hungry when I’m at work and I’m certain I can abstain from senseless eating after work.

Friday through Sunday may be a different thing altogether… we’ll see.



I have learned a few things already through this process:

  1. While I calorie content was relatively consistent (up to the 24th anyway), sugar and fat intake experienced dramatic increases which were enough to spark some weight gains that could not be justified by calories alone.
  2. Hitting the targets I set for calories is fairly easy most days — holidays excepted.
  3. The targets I set for sugar and fat seem nearly impossible to meet.

On the subject of sugar and fat, the targets automatically adjust based on the calorie target for the day, so I either set up the formula too strict (doubtful) or my meal preparation methods need some adjustment. Of course, I’ve read that food in America is more heavily laden with sugar than anywhere else in the world, so I suppose this may simply be more of a challenge than I expected originally.

I will continue to give this subject the attention it deserves and look forward to hopefully being able to show some actual progress through January.

Also, if you’re feeling discouraged about weight gain through the holidays, don’t let it get you too down! You only truly fail when you give up!

I will write again soon. Please be well!

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