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Thinking about Weight

Hello friends, Many of my friends and family will recall that in 2011 and into the very beginning of 2012 I shed between 70 and 80 pounds in a matter of about six months. I never really blogged about the weight loss in and of itself — it was a very difficult time for me […]

More on “Better”

Hello friends. While things have been busy at work and home, I haven’t completely forgotten about the blog even if I haven’t had anything to post. Being that as it is, I felt compelled today to write a quick update. I wrote earlier in Better — To What End? that I spend a lot of time […]

Changing Gracefully; “Udana” Blog

Good morning, friends. By now, I’m sure you have noticed that the face of the blog has changed a little bit. I think I was inspired to make the change as a result of changes at home. I may make other minor changes to the site’s arrangement, but I don’t intend to switch themes again […]

Khmer New Year Thoughts

I was invited to the local Khmer Temple located about 3 miles from my home over the weekend to usher in the Cambodian new year with some of my friends from work. This gathering presented a long-awaited opportunity to visit another Theravada temple, and I’ve found that I may be able to make visits to this one […]

Challenging Oneself; School in Session

The last couple of weeks have been interesting, as I have made some changes to my daily routine and Dalton and I have gotten started with his second grade materials. It only seems fitting that I share a little. This month marks one year since I started paying attention to my weight again. In that […]

Making a Change, Battling Complacency

Monday will mark the first day of a significant change in my work-life as I start in a new, more technology-related position. Sure, it isn’t anything crazy-amazing, but it could be seen as a step in the right direction if I intend to keep working at this company. I’ve worked at there for almost six […]

Establishing Quiet Space

Some of the blogs I have been reading have suggested the idea of setting aside sacred space for one’s spiritual contemplation, development, or just for simple quiet time. In a manner of speaking, I’ve had a space designated in that manner for nearly six months, but it wasn’t quite separate from the rest of the activity […]

Dropped the Bottle

It crossed my mind this morning that I made the decision to take the Fifth Precept and quit drinking on December 7, 2011. With only one infraction, I think I’ve done fairly well — 89 days with the intention of being free of alcohol. As I said, I have had one infraction — I thought […]

First Post / Moving In

Hello friends, First time readers:  I thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope that my words will, from time to time, find a place of usefulness in your mind. My aim is to not offend, but to effectively communicate my thoughts as I continue to contemplate life and its […]


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