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Forgotten and Unloved

My wife and I recently made a quick visit to my Dad’s house to pick up a few items of essentially sentimental value before the property is lost to foreclosure (a long story I don’t need to get into really) as an aftershock of his passing over a year ago. It was an emotional walkthrough […]

The School Year has Begun

Hello friends, School has started back up and I’ve been observing the changes this week as we’ve tried to return to something slightly resembling a routine. This week I’ve been getting up between 6:30 and 7:00 every morning as opposed to 9:00, and the difference is really interesting. First and foremost, I’m sleepy for the […]

Better — To What End?

I spend the vast majority of my working hours in contemplation of how I can make something better than it is. More accurate, more dependable, more efficient, or maybe just more simple; my mind is almost always whirling with ideas about how things could be transformed to make them better. Of course, “better” is a loaded term […]


Good morning, friends. Today marks 32 years I have existed in this world. I must admit that the continued march of time against me reminds me from time to time of the certainty of aging and death. I’m also reminded of the Pabbatopama Sutta (I didn’t remember the name, but it was easy to look up — […]

Thinking about Dad

Several times recently thoughts of my Dad have come to my mind somewhat unexpectedly. He passed away months ago, but I’ve clearly not dealt with everything that might be on my mind about it. I had a dream a couple of nights ago wherein he had not actually died, but instead the body had been […]

The Four Dhamma Summaries

Some contemplation for today, friends. Life in any world is unstable, it is swept away. There is no stability in this world or the next. Everything that is born undergoes aging, illness, and eventually death. Even that which we perceive as stable is only such because our lives are themselves so short. Even the Earth, […]

Irrational Fears, Magnified

Hello Friends, My son will leave on Friday, with friends, on a 10-day trip to Disney in Florida. This is the first time he has been away from his mother and I for so long. I suppose in an odd sort of way it shows how “grown up” he is becoming, but it is an […]

Sharing: On Heaven and Hell

I mentioned in my last post that I often, when speaking among friends and those who are curious about Buddhism, will tailor my responses in a way that I think emphasizes Buddhism’s commonalities with Christianity. The “big question” I come across is usually something about what generally happens after someone dies. In such cases, I […]

49 Days

Hello friends, Today marks the passage of 49 days since my father passed away. 49 isn’t a significant number to many people, but in some Buddhist traditions it is seen as the approximate period of time required for a being who has passed away to move on to it’s next life. I’ll admit that I’m […]

Proclaim The Good by Doing Good

The passing of a close family member should always be a time of deep reflection into one’s own mind. In my case, I’m trying to focus on something obvious that is also a subject we are all very good at ignoring. “The beautiful chariots of kings wear out, This body too undergoes decay. But the […]


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