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Moved In; Dad’s Failing Health

So we made our move last weekend and all of our stuff is nicely situated in our new home. So far, I haven’t found anything terribly worrisome about the place, but it may take some time for me to get comfortable with my new, much smaller, meditation space. The arrangement of the rest of the […]

Day Trip to Bellefontaine; Dad Remains Well

My son and I made the trip to Bellefontaine Sunday to find my Dad still in good spirits and relatively good condition — which is always nice to see. Certain medications that have him looking like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man have been nearly eliminated from his daily regimen, and the Chemo drug he’s on continues […]

Living, Rather than Dying

My dad shared this on his Twitter feed this morning (as a linked document, obviously, as it is far too long for a Tweet) and I feel like it is worth sharing because it touches so deeply on the subject of his living with cancer. Much of the writing discusses my mother (who died of […]

Ramble about an Unusual Week

Today I’m going to write (ramble) a bit about the last week that has passed. And by passed, I mean to say that I’ve pretty much missed it as it flew by… I’m sure I’ll miss some [most] of the particulars, but I am hopeful that I’ll be able to explain my not being around […]

Shyla Home (Again) but Restricted

Last Thursday I posted that our dog, Shyla, had returned from a three-day vet stay after having eaten one of the baby’s large burp cloths. She wasn’t home long, and returned to the vet after her surgical staples broke and she started bleeding. She returned home again last night and spent the night in our […]

Shyla Returns Home

Around this time last week our dog managed to put herself into quite a bind… You see, she’s a 75 pound black lab who likes to eat things. Sure, most of the time she restricts herself to things that could at least be mistaken for food, but sometimes she takes on more than she can […]

Father Calls with Uplifting News

Last night I was surprised to hear from my Dad. It is fairly rare for him to call, especially at times when he knows I’m at work, so I generally treat unexpected phone calls as “bad news” on the way. This wasn’t the case this time. In spite of his illness, there are still occasions […]

Cancer Progresses; Budai Moves to Cincinnati

I had to make a break from routine this weekend and make a drive up north to visit with family there again. My wife and the children stayed home for this trip, so I left last night after work and returned today. This has the benefit of affording me some extra time with my sisters (In other […]


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