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The Month of Birthdays

Happy new year, friends! I hope everyone who observed the Christmas and New Year holidays did so in a safe manner and is free of regrets as we start 2013. I’ve enjoyed a very relaxing holiday, from Dec 20 to now, working only 3 days in that span and enjoying the company of my wife, […]

Exchange of Ideas; Sharing Peace of Mind

A couple of my coworkers at work started talking with me a bit in the last week at work about my “conversion,” conversations which took me a little by surprise but were interesting and even fun. I’m fairly confident that these friends ask primarily for academic reasons, but I treat the questions seriously regardless, and […]

13 Hours – But Not Overtime

Yesterday we spent a very long, but enjoyable, day away from the home. Waking at 6 AM, we had a good breakfast before loading up the van and leaving around 8 AM. We picked up my sister, Shelly, and then had the pleasure of visiting with a high school buddy of mine, Joe, who moved […]

Dropped the Bottle

It crossed my mind this morning that I made the decision to take the Fifth Precept and quit drinking on December 7, 2011. With only one infraction, I think I’ve done fairly well — 89 days with the intention of being free of alcohol. As I said, I have had one infraction — I thought […]


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