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Moment in Time: Smile!

A creative “accident” this morning led to this crazy looking face staring at me at breakfast time. I hope you have a reason to smile this morning — please be well, friends!

Moment in Time: Bucket!

I knew something strange was going on when baby Aly went to her room and played quietly for 15 minutes… I finally decided to check on her, and found this: She seems to like it that way for some reason! Chaos! Be well, friends!

Return from STL

Hello friends, Last week my family and I took a trip to the St. Louis area where much of my family (at least on my Dad’s side) lives. It was a really awesome trip and I would like to highlight some of the major points and share some photos from the trip. First, I do […]

Moment in Time: Salad!

Sunday: Field Trip to Kentucky Temple

This most recent Sunday brought an interesting “field trip” of sorts for me, I joined my friends from Chùa Phật Bảo (the Vietnamese temple I’ve been going to) for a visit at a temple in Kentucky located about 90 miles south-west of Cincinnati. The occasion was a sort of somber one in this case as the […]

Moment in Time: Rocks!

Baby Aly loves playing outside now that we can enjoy warmer weather. On this particular occasion, we found her quite fascinated with a couple of rocks she picked up. Remember: there can be something amazing even in the seemingly mundane. Be well, my friends.

Moment in Time: “Oh my Gosh!”

Baby Aly holds her first Marshmallow Peep! This was shared by my wife on Facebook a few days ago but figured it really ought to be here too. Kids are too funny sometimes!

Moment in Time: Floored

Baby Aly knocked out in her toy area of the living room after a long afternoon out and about. Our little ones have something figured out that we lose touch with as grown-ups, I think. Sometimes we just need a little time to recharge, but we’re just too busy to find the time. Find time […]

Moment in Time: Hysterical in Motion

Hysterical, in Motion Gotta love the baby!

Happy Halloween, Friends!

Good evening! I got off work early tonight so I could spend Halloween with the family. We all set up shop at my wife’s parent’s house and my wife and son went trick-or-treating while Alyanna and I (for the most part) hung out and talked with her parents — it was far too cold and […]


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