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Simile of the Sleepy Two-Year-Old

I sat briefly in meditation this morning and, as usually happens, my mind conjured up random thoughts. Today I decided to develop one of the thoughts more thoroughly afterward my sitting, and below is the result. It is a simile, based loosely on the manner in which the Buddha would occasionally expound a lesson with […]

So Many Days

There is always another day, Faith in this falsehood tests one’s fate. What if I were to pass away tomorrow? With something always left for the morrow; would the next life be one of sorrow? Perhaps my compassion surpasses my hate, but when passion calls, I take the bait. If death came upon me this […]

On the Path

Daily I watch the tendrils of craving which all too often plague my mind. I am practicing the means of paving the leaving of these things behind. My identity, a length of iron chain wrapped around me as a tether. May it never again cause me such pain! My goal: to sever this fetter. So […]

Absolute Release

Many beings drowning in the great ocean. Minds are swayed by the perturbing motion. Invariably, lacking a means of flotation. Responding to stress with a great commotion. Except when secluded, “on the cushion.” Quietness, concentration, is the solution. This simple vehicle provides a means of locomotion. Capable of bringing all beings to final fruition. Even […]

The Three Birthrights

One’s birthright is aging, no one can escape this fate. One may be born of high status; rich, beautiful, powerful, but even one of earthly stardom fails to compare to the Accomplished One. One’s birthright is sickness, no one can escape this fate. High tech medical care, right eating, staying fit, but even the advanced […]


Beings wanting pleasure, filled with sensual desire, grasping at that which they perceive, clinging to that which they have, losing everything when Death takes them… Recklessly seeking their preferences, taking from those who have, disputing, threatening, fighting, hoarding it all away someplace secret, destroying themselves with their vile deeds… Beasts facing the elements in the […]

Can you hear, Can you see?

A spiteful word, an angry look, Can you hear the pain and sadness …hiding behind those hurtful words? Can you see the suffering behind that contorted face? “May I listen to your problems a moment, friend?” “Is there something that can be done to help?” Instead, with hardened heart, we remain silent, when we could […]

Sitting is Doing

Sitting is Doing Thought… Volition… Action… One’s past Kamma ripened, new Kamma forged, Wholesome, Virtuous, and Victorious! Being the change, changing the world. Detangling views, shedding desires, learning the meaning of peace. Every once in a while I sit down with an empty word document and see if anything I like develops on the page. […]

Thought Experiment: War of Words

I don’t really know if this would be considered free-verse poetry, but I wrote it up thinking of it as such… It can be read in any order, so don’t try to figure out the way I wrote it (the circles were added afterward). There isn’t necessarily any particular intentional order to it’s design, although […]


The Wind Horse


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