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Marriage Equality

In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court “marriage equality” ruling, I have spent a little time thinking on the subject of marriage for the first time in a couple of years. As odd as it may sound, having been married to my wife since 2003 I don’t really think about marriage all that often […]

Irrational Fears, Magnified

Hello Friends, My son will leave on Friday, with friends, on a 10-day trip to Disney in Florida. This is the first time he has been away from his mother and I for so long. I suppose in an odd sort of way it shows how “grown up” he is becoming, but it is an […]


Ahimsa is a word derived from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language from around or immediately after the time of the Buddha. It means to not kill, or to not harm, depending on who is translating it. I’ve come across this word a number of times not necessarily knowing what it meant but I’ve realized that it […]

Glad it is Over

Oh how I’m glad it is over. Or at least mostly over, anyway. Of course, I’m referring to the election process, which has for months dominated pretty much everything on which one could possibly slap an advertisement. People may recall that I’ve taken a stand on politics that is somewhat irregular. I’ve restrained myself from debating […]

Broken Politics

I opened this blog in February and have done a fairly good job of avoiding political posts… but every once in a while I am not opposed to bending that rule in order to attempt to make a point. Below I’ve enbedded a clip of news video broadcast by one of the local television stations […]

Spirituality and Politics

Lately the political ads have been in blitzkrieg mode locally, so this has been on my mind… Often we see situations where people mix religion with politics. In the United States in particular, we tend to see that the Republican Party is associated with more conservative “Christian” concepts while the Democrat Party is often connected […]


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