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Revisiting Weight: April

It may not be entirely obvious, but any hopes I’ve had of substantial weight loss have stalled since February. In fact, until today, I haven’t tracked my calories or weight in 67 days. I am pleased to be able to report, however, that my weight has remained essentially stable in that time. My spreadsheet reports […]

December Weight Progress (or lack thereof)

Hello Friends, I promised there would be some sort of update on my weight tracking, so that’s what this will be today. Mind you, the Christmas and New Years holidays essentially blew any progress I could have made through December… surely there are some that could fault me for that, so before anyone says anything […]

Thinking about Weight

Hello friends, Many of my friends and family will recall that in 2011 and into the very beginning of 2012 I shed between 70 and 80 pounds in a matter of about six months. I never really blogged about the weight loss in and of itself — it was a very difficult time for me […]

Sad Things

Good morning Friends, For many, particularly Americans, today brings with it a reminder of what happens when hatefulness arises. The attacks on September 11, 2001 will be remembered by many folks in my generation, and will hopefully be a source of inspiration rather than fear for most. It should be inspiring to us because of […]

Easter ’14

Hello friends, Today I am taking a brief break from the Ten Perfections series to post something family-oriented. Tomorrow being Easter, I intend to observe the holiday along with my family. I have learned that I don’t necessarily have to participate in every Christian holy day (although I do particularly enjoy Christmas), but that my children appreciate it when […]

Cold Mornings

I woke up very early this morning so that I could allocate a little time to morning Puja before friends arrive with their children for a play-date. I have come to admit to myself that my morning ritual gets a little difficult to maintain when the temperatures get so low, and I haven’t felt like […]

Focusing the Lens

Over the last year I have maintained a mostly wide-angle view on the teachings of Buddha. I’ve listened to a lot of talks from varying traditions, and in general kept an open mind to the differing ways things are taught (and understood). When I have been focused, the lens has been on Mahayana teachings with […]


I have spent a great deal of time alone over this prior weekend and, sitting here as I am right now, I am surprised at just how discontented I am with it. In the past, it hasn’t bothered me, and often was quite pleasant, so this has come to be quite a shock to me. […]

Hypocrisy; Forgiveness

I’m not going to write a lot today, but I have had time this weekend to reflect on some of my own issues, and I wanted to write something short. First, I want to apologize to anyone who thinks I have a particularly high opinion of myself or my “attainments” (whatever that might mean). The […]

Khmer New Year Thoughts

I was invited to the local Khmer Temple located about 3 miles from my home over the weekend to usher in the Cambodian new year with some of my friends from work. This gathering presented a long-awaited opportunity to visit another Theravada temple, and I’ve found that I may be able to make visits to this one […]


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