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Relating to the 2013 Holiday Season

Hello Friends, I was asked a couple weeks ago whether Buddhists celebrate Thanksgiving, which seemed an odd question at the time but I have thought about it a little and I think the question (and others like it) are worthy of thought. I think it is presumptuous for me to think that I can speak […]

The Opportunity to Share

After my appointment Friday with the Estate attorney, I was fortunate enough to visit with one of my old high school friends for a little chat. I wasn’t anything serious, but it was nice to talk with him — it had been a couple of years since the previous occasion. He took the opportunity to […]

Christmas; Decoration and Recognition

Hello friends, As Christmas nears, we’ve been making the usual preparations — cleaning, decorating, cooking (and eating), and shopping. Well, maybe not as much shopping for us as some families, but I think the point here is we’ve pretty much been doing the same thing most families in the U.S. do at this time of […]

On the Sinking Ship

Life is a little like being on the Titanic, friends. We don’t want to admit it, but the ship is sinking. We can spend our remaining brief moments arguing about the temperature of the water or we can find peace together, even if we don’t all agree precisely on what “peace” means. Jesus: “Do to […]

Little Aly’s First Easter

I hope everyone has had a blessed day today, regardless of what religious traditions you might follow. The day had the unusual distinction of being shared both by Christians for Easter and, I’ve learned, by some Buddhists (in Japan, for instance) for remembering the birthday of Siddhartha Gotama. Obviously, pretty much our whole family celebrates […]

The Baptisms, and My Thoughts

As most of my friends probably are aware, my wife and I do not agree on a lot of matters that pertain to the spiritual, philosophical, and/or religious realms of life. This has been little more than a minor concern most of the time, but the opportunity does exist for it to be a cause […]

“The Buddha Saved my Marriage”

In light of Valentines Day, I’ve caught a few posts on blogs here and there about love. While I won’t go copy/pasting those, nor do I have anything terribly inspirational to say on the matter, I think I can share a little of my experience instead. My mind, where it comes to love, has always […]


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