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Ten Perfections: Reflections

Hello friends, First, I want to thank you for reading through my articles on the Ten Perfections. It has been an interesting series to write, and I think it has illustrated to me in a couple of ways both how far my practice has come and how far it has yet to go. I appreciate comments […]

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello again, friends. This morning I hopped online to find a little surprise awaiting for me: My blog has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by UndeadDad. His is one of the blogs I’ve come to follow in the 16 or so months since I joined the WordPress Community, and I really appreciate the […]

Thankful Uposatha

I feel the need to take a moment and write a little bit about some things for which I’m thankful. Thankfulness isn’t really all that difficult for me, I think, but I rarely write it (or type it) for others to see. First and foremost in my mind; my feeling of gratitude for the teachings of the […]

Moving Quietly Along

Hello Friends, I know my blog has been rather quiet lately, but it hasn’t really just been the blog — the last couple of weeks I’ve simply kept to myself a little more, I suppose. I’ve made a lot of progress with my reading as a result, having started reading BDK’s “The Three Pure Land […]

Thank you Michelle

Thank you. Every once in a while, it just feels like the right thing to say, right? As some may recall, over the last couple of months I’ve made a bit of a routine of visiting this Vietnamese Buddhist Temple a few miles from home. Every Sunday, after the service, the group sits down together […]

The Sunshine Award

Recently the Sunshine Award was passed on to me by a Gina, a friendly blogger who writes Professions for P.E.A.C.E., a blog I have recently begun following and whose writings I have found uplifting. The award is passed around as a way to appreciate bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere,” and I greatly […]

Out with Old Pipes, In with New

I posted a few days ago about our plumbing issue, resulting in a defunct bathtub. One of my wife’s friends came over and assessed our problem and decided that it was something he could fix, and for the price of supplies and dinner at Steak N’ Shake, we were happy to have him do just […]

Being Thankful

I went to work today (today being Tuesday still, because I haven’t gone to bed yet), much like any other day, after having read posts on the several blogs that I follow. Like any other occasion, I found that these blogs had given me things to think about, or at the very least, raised my […]


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