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What Sites am I Reading?

Below I have compiled a list of sites that I routinely visit, ranging from those I read in my quiet reflective time to subjects of fun and humor.

Buddhist Resources

  • Access to Insight
    Website dedicated to the practice of Buddhism in daily life.  Of particular interest is an online copy of the Dhammapada, for which two translation styles are provided.
  • Urban Dharma
    Reading materials on Buddhism in history as well as Buddhism in America.
  • Dhamma Wheel
    A Buddhist discussion forum on the Dhamma of the Theravada

Friends’ Blogs

  • Glass Syringes
    My older little-sister’s blog.  She’s an avid computer gamer, on which her writing places significant emphasis.  That said, her topics are quite varied for such a new blog.
  • Fyrefly’s Requiem
    My younger little-sister’s blog; brand new (as of Jan. 1, 2012)!  She’s also into gaming, although a bit more on the retro side of things.  Heavy into World of Warcraft, too.
  • Ramblings
    This blog belongs to an old high school buddy of mine who regularly discusses political matters and subjects of an emotional or psychological nature. As the title suggests, he may ramble, but I think his point is always well made.
  • HyperCello “A glimpse into my life”
    My wife has created a new blog, and so it now graces my list.  She has always been supportive of me and my various projects, including my blogging, and as such I am certainly supportive of hers.

Thank you for visiting, friends. Be well!


The Wind Horse


Now..... Free... Peace.....

The Art of Manliness

Contemplative Thoughts

One Man And His Mustang

A Classic 1966 Ford Mustang v8 Coupe Restoration Guide. Car Detailing. Product Reviews.

The Good Sit

An accessible guide to mindfulness meditation

Applied Buddhism

Applying Buddhism to Everyday Living

Lucas Henriksson

A Joyful Heart

Exploring Life

Be kind, be compassionate

Follow the Wheel

A Seeker's Journey to Transform Suffering

Buddhist Global Relief

Worldwide relief funded by a Buddhist organization

Harmony In Motion

The universe in the form of a human girl

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