On Copyrights

On the matter of copyright holders who may be concerned that their material could be misused by bloggers, myself included, I simply wanted to include this brief notice.

I take great care to make certain that images that I post on this blog are public domain (or my own work). I take the precept to take only that which is given very seriously, and this is part of the reason behind the fact that I post so few images here. This seriousness is echoed in my writing; I take care to site sources for reference when available and I do not copy/paste the writing of others and claim it to be my own.

Any occasion where I might utilize the text, music, video, or photography of others is done with the utmost respect for applicable copyrights and, in the event of a known copyright, is done under the premise of “fair use.” If while viewing my blog you find any work whatsoever that you believe to be protected by copyright and is being used in a way that does not fall under “fair use” law, please inform me (comment on this page, if you like) and I will address the situation promptly.

As for my own works, anything I write here is assumed by me to be shared with others. I appreciate references back to this blog if you use my ideas, but I will ultimately let kamma be the judge of it. Photos of myself and family are not, however, necessarily included in this blanket permission, as I can’t really see any good reason for anyone to want pictures of my wife on their website (creepy).

Image attributions listed here (as appropriate):


I share this list not just to thank these sites for offering imagry for others’ use, but because I can imagine others that are unaware of them might find them interesting. If any attribution has been missed, inform me and I will make appropriate corrections.

 Creative Commons License
Hickersonia by hickersonia.wordpress.com is licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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