Good morning, friends. Today’s subject will be Wisdom, Paññā in Pali. I think wisdom is often confused with knowledge, a word that is much better for explaining the understanding of mundane things such as fixing cars, operating computers or equipment, or the arrangement of planets in the solar system. Most of us seem to have truck […]

Renunciation is a core concept in Buddhism as practiced in the Theravada tradition, and an idea that gets very little traction in the modern world. I suppose it wouldn’t be unfair to say that it probably wasn’t a particularly popular idea even in the time of the Buddha… but it seems that the culture was […]

The subject of morality, or virtue, comes up in all religious systems and even without. In Buddhism, the word “Sīla” refers to virtue in a very general form, whether the practitioner is one who holds to five, eight, or 227 precepts. The basic layperson’s five precepts, or pañca-sila, are effectively the minimum-standard in Buddhism. Sure, the Precept […]

Hello friends, As promised in my previous post, I’m going to write at least a brief article on each of the Ten Perfections. Today I will focus on the idea of Generosity, or Dāna in Pali. I think all of the world’s major religions share this theme, making it one on which followers of all creeds should be […]

Hello Friends, Those of you who have read my blog for a while or have studied independently on Buddhism have likely come across the idea of the Ten Perfections (Dasa Pāramī in Pali) at least once. In my attempt to better study the ideas associated with these ten perfections, I have decided I will write a […]

Hello friends, The blog has been very quiet this month — perhaps because I’ve been very busy if not perhaps a little more introspective. Even my wife has complained that I’ve been quiet more often this month, so my quietness isn’t strictly limited to my online activities. I have thought about posting on the blog three […]

To varying degrees, I imagine most of us feel the same kinds of inner-turmoil throughout any given day. If we feel like our problems are insurmountable, that is just because we think things should be different than they are. Likewise, when someone speaks harshly toward us, we instinctively feel that the speaker is wrong. This is […]


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