I’m sure all of my readers are familiar with making plans, and in particular, how plans often change many times before being carried out (or abandoned altogether). I know it isn’t wise to get too attached to plans, especially the long-term kind, but I’ve also learned that if I don’t set certain “goal posts” in the […]

I’ve heard it said that the practice of seeing others as your own brothers and sisters can be used as an means to develop compassion and eliminate lust toward others. This is a practice I’ve tried to adopt, but I think this is a case when a particular teaching, on it’s own, needs to be […]

Occasionally over the past couple months I’ve chosen to visit a little Dharma center in Northside, maybe 10 miles from my home. It is an English-speaking group that does a group meditation for an hour on Sundays and holds short Dhamma talks on the first Sunday of each month. It is a simple get-together that […]

Originally posted on Endless Light and Love:
I pose a very simple question to all readers of this blog and to all your followers too. If all religions team peace, then why can’t all religions achieve peace? Is it not time for us to put our differences aside and come together just as our religions…

Good morning friends, I just want to write a little about Uposatha practice as it has developed for me and go over a couple of observations. Generally speaking, I have converted my entire morning chanting ritual to an English-only event, but I’ve been having fun lately (the last five or so weeks) chanting exclusively in Pali on […]

I sat briefly in meditation this morning and, as usually happens, my mind conjured up random thoughts. Today I decided to develop one of the thoughts more thoroughly afterward my sitting, and below is the result. It is a simile, based loosely on the manner in which the Buddha would occasionally expound a lesson with […]

Good morning, friends. One year ago today my father passed away as a result of his long battle with cancer. I didn’t really realize this morning that it had been a year until I noticed posts from family members on Facebook, but it isn’t as if I have forgotten him entirely — I simply don’t usually […]


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