Hello friends. While things have been busy at work and home, I haven’t completely forgotten about the blog even if I haven’t had anything to post. Being that as it is, I felt compelled today to write a quick update. I wrote earlier in Better — To What End? that I spend a lot of time […]

Good morning Friends, For many, particularly Americans, today brings with it a reminder of what happens when hatefulness arises. The attacks on September 11, 2001 will be remembered by many folks in my generation, and will hopefully be a source of inspiration rather than fear for most. It should be inspiring to us because of […]

Hello friends, School has started back up and I’ve been observing the changes this week as we’ve tried to return to something slightly resembling a routine. This week I’ve been getting up between 6:30 and 7:00 every morning as opposed to 9:00, and the difference is really interesting. First and foremost, I’m sleepy for the […]

I spend the vast majority of my working hours in contemplation of how I can make something better than it is. More accurate, more dependable, more efficient, or maybe just more simple; my mind is almost always whirling with ideas about how things could be transformed to make them better. Of course, “better” is a loaded term […]

August tends to be a little high-voltage for me as far as memories and emotions go. In my mind, August is entrenched in a number of ways that make it a bit of a roller coaster for me sometimes even though I know that the narrative that plays out in my mind about the feelings […]

I’m sure all of my readers are familiar with making plans, and in particular, how plans often change many times before being carried out (or abandoned altogether). I know it isn’t wise to get too attached to plans, especially the long-term kind, but I’ve also learned that if I don’t set certain “goal posts” in the […]

I’ve heard it said that the practice of seeing others as your own brothers and sisters can be used as an means to develop compassion and eliminate lust toward others. This is a practice I’ve tried to adopt, but I think this is a case when a particular teaching, on it’s own, needs to be […]

Occasionally over the past couple months I’ve chosen to visit a little Dharma center in Northside, maybe 10 miles from my home. It is an English-speaking group that does a group meditation for an hour on Sundays and holds short Dhamma talks on the first Sunday of each month. It is a simple get-together that […]

Originally posted on Endless Light and Love:
I pose a very simple question to all readers of this blog and to all your followers too. If all religions team peace, then why can’t all religions achieve peace? Is it not time for us to put our differences aside and come together just as our religions…

Good morning friends, I just want to write a little about Uposatha practice as it has developed for me and go over a couple of observations. Generally speaking, I have converted my entire morning chanting ritual to an English-only event, but I’ve been having fun lately (the last five or so weeks) chanting exclusively in Pali on […]

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