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Better — To What End?

I spend the vast majority of my working hours in contemplation of how I can make something better than it is. More accurate, more dependable, more efficient, or maybe just more simple; my mind is almost always whirling with ideas about how things could be transformed to make them better. Of course, “better” is a loaded term […]

Quiet Month (or so)

Hello friends, The blog has been very quiet this month — perhaps because I’ve been very busy if not perhaps a little more introspective. Even my wife has complained that I’ve been quiet more often this month, so my quietness isn’t strictly limited to my online activities. I have thought about posting on the blog three […]


So lately my writing routine has been somewhat disrupted, to say the least, and I thought I might take a moment (while I have one) and briefly share some of what I’ve been doing instead of writing. School started for our son a couple weeks ago. Friends and regular readers may recall that we school […]

Friday Night Ramble

Warning: A ramble post is forthcoming: Things get quiet on the blog from time to time, but at least it isn’t because there are problems. In fact, I’ve been busy playing Civ IV with my wife most of the time when I might have thought of writing, so it kinda makes sense that I wouldn’t […]

Exchange of Ideas; Sharing Peace of Mind

A couple of my coworkers at work started talking with me a bit in the last week at work about my “conversion,” conversations which took me a little by surprise but were interesting and even fun. I’m fairly confident that these friends ask primarily for academic reasons, but I treat the questions seriously regardless, and […]

Making a Change, Battling Complacency

Monday will mark the first day of a significant change in my work-life as I start in a new, more technology-related position. Sure, it isn’t anything crazy-amazing, but it could be seen as a step in the right direction if I intend to keep working at this company. I’ve worked at there for almost six […]

Quiet on Monday, Chaos on Tuesday

Monday I had the unusual occasion of having a lighter-than-average day at work. From time to time this happens, but the day was made more bizarre by the fact that many people I associate were off work for the day. The combination of people off left the team leaders a little disorganized, which further led […]


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